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Why Am I

The play Why AM I presents the experience of manic depression in a series of poetic stanza’s, dramatic events from the live of actor and writer Vin McCullagh who has been both a patient and a psychiatric nurse.

I got to see this very beautiful piece last night and will be digesting and revisiting it in my head for a long time. Great work guys and I hope that you get to take it on to other theatres so that more people can experience this very thoughtful, real, accessible, gentle, emotive, poignant and warm play!!!!” (Michelle Towey)

“Thank you Vin McCullagh. Such honest words, images, sounds, of nature, combined to gently and at the same time forcefully express truths that are mostly unspoken. Well done. I hope I will see and hear more from you”. (Majella Biernat)

For almost a year, Vin and AnNua’s Paul Moore have been meeting in Vin’s shed, two middle aged men making theatre when we should be fixing old cars. In-between discussing what is it to suffer depression, we have gradually worked in terms of acting technique, internals and thought honing Vin’s capacity for deep reflection. Banyans Karen Torley has joined us to help co-direct the play incorporating shadow and light with sound by Fiachra O’Longain.

Why AM I encourages us to see mental health in terms of a persons reaction to a world torn with contradictions, as both a social and psychological phenomena.

“Real theatre, amazing performance, truly moving subject matter, brilliantly produced and executed”
(Sean Derry)

Extract from Why Am I rehearsal

Rehearsal shot and edited with sound by Fiachra O’Longain

Photo above: Landscape by Eamonn Brown

Photo opposite: In Echo Echo studio: by Karen Torley

“This project has been supported by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through
the Acorn Fund.”