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HOME is a play about migrants, borders and a solid world dissolving.

AnNua began work on HOME in 2014 and premiered the play in development in Liverpool and in Derry during 2015. In 2016 extracts and composition from the play were performed across Ireland and beyond. Critical and audience responses have been outstanding.

“‘Home’ is a powerful and engrossing piece of theatre….[a] beautifully written and performed work… It shows real compassion for the plight of refugees in this world.
It could go on to become a classic.”

Tom Calderbank, The Nerve Theare Review

“..fascinating…really powerful writing, really powerful images.”
Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Ulster

“A potent piece of work. I found myself immersed in it in a way I haven’t been in theatre for a long time and funny as hell.” Dr. Dan McAllister, Ulster University

“Touching, humorous, powerful and so topical, “HOME” is an unforgettable play served by 2 exceptional actors … It touched my heart and my mind: BRAVO and THANKS.” Séverine Gautier

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During 2014 AnNua collected samples from physical, cultural and social environments in Ireland, Australia and Liverpool. We used this material to inform the scripting and as the basis of the design for HOME. HOME examines ideas of belonging, displacement, migration, borders, nations, identity, state power and its abuse. Through a narrative of Irish Migration and set in Australia, HOME is a play that looks into our histories to examine the present.

John W Davies in HOME 2015

“We have always been renown for our flame red hair… our black hair, our blond and our brown hair. Our sky blue eyes, our dark brown eyes, our olive skins and pale complexions. Yes! Across every street and down through the centuries, we have been a feisty mongrel people, a migrant people!”

Extracts from HOME have been broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle, Sydney 2SER and RTE Lyric FM Culture File. During 2016 we have also performed through the Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II and the Listen, Compose, Perform Festivals in Dublin and participated in the Migration, Crisis and Performance Symposium through NUI Galway. During 2016 and 2017 we have been working in Ireland, England and in Australia with Red Velvet Productions adapting Home for radio. We will be releasing this work late in 2017. Stay tuned as with each edit, remount and adaptation we take on board criticism and commentary and stay up with events as we redefine what our borders are and might become.

HOME continues to benefit from the ongoing assistance of Sydney University and Australian producer Regina Botros.

See here for a Promo from the 2015 Liverpool season. Home Promo.

Below is a link to composition by Brian Bridges combining recordings of the sea at Bondi Beach with music from the TIMI Ensemble Beijing and uilleann pipes from Ireland

HOME also features music from Gay McIntyre, Lorna McLaughlin (The Henry Girls) Cara Park and Marti Coyle (The Balkan Alien Sound) which is combined with the voices of migrants coming in off the sea:

We continue to experiment in studio in Ireland and in Sydney Australia. Pictured are scenes from the drama with projected Australian landscapes, eucalyptus leaves and a scene on the shore at night created with image and actual sand in studio.


Home Leaves

night beach 9