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Derry Story and Derry 24 City of Culture 2013

Due to the success of Derry Story in 2012, Derry 24 was selected for inclusion in the Derry City of Culture 2013 program and enjoyed three seasons throughout the year.

“An Nua theatre group with Derry 24 have produced a beautiful, serious, funny, poignant series of dramatic impressions which convey much about Derry people and the stories they tell and are told about them, without ever berating or telling the audience what to think. Drama, puppetry, music and imagery combine to create a remarkable piece of intelligent theatre work for grown ups. Must see theatre for anyone!”
Frank Rafferty, Comic and Writer.

A young woman with a sense of loss returns to the city. As she wanders through various memories and locales, we move through our history and toward ideas of the future. With an innovative composition and set, Derry 24 has allowed us to include the work of dozens of local artists and to adapt the play season to season in order to keep pace with events surrounding the City of Culture itself.

Input included that gathered through almost two years of digital audio and visual gathering creatively adapting ideas of ethnography toward performance.

“…a significant sucess’
The Telegraph, UK.

” ….audiences have been delighted with this fusion of acting, puppetry, dance, visual art, photography, shadow, and digital image which features guest musicians including Lorna McLaughlin (The Henry Girls), Jazz legend Gay McIntyre and Martin Coyle (The Balkan Alien Sound)…. Since its conception, Derry 24 has generated a great deal of interest in the city and beyond, including local and national press attention as well as BBC coverage. Through the process of creating this unique piece of theatre, AnNua have developed the skills of numerous artists who will continue to create innovative theatre in Derry into the future.”
Derry Journal, October 2013.

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