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AnNua and Associates are creating Civilians’ as a stream of consciousness with scripted scenes moving between war, shopping, torture, displacement, lifestyle, surveillance and escapism. The work will have a dream like quality, at times verging on nightmare. In a sense, it is a requiem. To assist in creating this ‘dream’ we may use image, shadow and composition along with audio design and acted scenes. We are seeking to understand and to depict the changing nature of conflict over time and into the present during which the line between combatants and civilians has become increasingly blurred.

Composer Christopher Norby is working with violist Allyson Wuenschel in America on the score for Civilians while the Irish team continue research through reading and gathering media including audio and visual material.

Experimentation with viola (Christopher Norby)

We welcome input in the form of opinion and experience and also are seeking out photographs, film, writing, music and art that depicts or comments on conflict and its impact on civilians. Please contact us at if you wish to become involved in this work or to submit original or gathered material.
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