• HOME radio adaptation

    We are soon to release the AnNua and Red Velvet productions adaptation of HOME for radio and pod broadcast. Through 2016 and 2017 we have been working in Ireland, Australia and England recording and mixing this audio version of the play and adapting the work in response to world events, audience and critical feedback. Home… Continue reading

  • ‘Why AM I’ and experimenting in Echo Echo studios.

    AnNua and Karen Torley from Banyan have been with writer performer Vin McCullagh in the Echo Echo studios working in the performance and design of ‘Why Am I. We are going on Vin’s journey using light and shadow which in combination with the works poetic language is really creating something special. Why AM I will… Continue reading

  • Vin McCullagh. Writer and Actor.

    Vin first worked with AnNua on Derry 24 and his ability to provide a strong reflective perfromance was commented on by many. We were also familiar with Vin’s writing, his poetry, stories and plays, through previous readings and productions. Paul Moore and Vin have been meeting in Vin’s shed once a week for several months,… Continue reading

  • ‘Why Am I’ receives the support of the Acorn Legacy Fund

    A huge thanks to the Acorn Legacy Fund for getting behind ‘Why AM I’. Vin McCullagh’s beautiful biopic on manic depression will be presented through Echo Echo in March with dates TBA. Vin, AnNua, Paul Moore and Karen Torley of Banyan have been working together over a period of months, allowing the work to emerge… Continue reading

  • Writers working with AnNua

    AnNua seeks to work with and develop the skills of established and emerging writers. Because our design and composition play such a large role in the development and performance of new works, we are eager to work with traditional play writes and also experimental writers. If you would like us to consider working with you,… Continue reading


    We are currently updating our associates list and we are eager to hear from writers and other theatre artists. We are working on HOME and on Civilians and we also have various other projects in the pipeline. If you would like to contribute ideas, script or to be involved please contact hello@annuaproductions.com

  • Manifesto for a New ireland (HOME) RTE LYRIC FM

    A Manifesto for a New Ireland (from the play HOME) has been broadcast on RTE Lyric FM – which together with broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Foyle, means the word has reached across the island.

  • Allyson Wuenschel

    For the past for seven years, violist Allyson Wuenschel has passionately pursued performance throughout the greater Phoenix area. While she currently serves as principal violist for Arizona Pro Arte Ensemble and Musica Nova, she also performs with such notable local ensembles as The Arizona Chamber Orchestra, the Arizona Bach Festival Orchestra, and West Valley Symphony.… Continue reading

  • Civilians Submissions

    Civilians Submissions AnNua are seeking submissions toward Civilians. We want to hear from artists of all kinds. Writers, musicians, composers, photographers, visual artist and all with ideas and comments. Please make contact by emailing hello@annuaproductions.com Civilians is our seventh new work and will combine acted scenes with composition, images, soundscape and shadow to create a… Continue reading