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AnNua¬† simply means ‘The New’ in Irish. In 2009 a small band of artists came together to create a contemporary Irish theatre that drew on traditional Irish forms and sought to link these to world theatre and new technologies. We are particularly interested in linking Irish works to Australasian and other world theatre.

From the outset in 2009 the work of AnNua has combined script, strong performance and composition with the use of light and image.

Using digital technologies we gather from physical and social environments allowing this sampling to inform script and design. We have worked on a range of new works including Derry 24 for the Derry City of Culture Program and HOME in Australia and in England and Ireland.

Through our Associated Artists and aim to adapt and share skills in order to create while increasing the capacity of the group to produce into the future. AnNua Associates are based in Ireland, America and Australia.

Currently we are adapting HOME for further live and digital performance while working on Civilians and with several writers (and other theatre artists) in Ireland, with composer Chris Norby and through the University of Sydney. During 2016 we have also performed through the Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II and at the Listen, Compose, Perform Festivals in Dublin and currently we are experimenting with new ways of storytelling with Banyan Puppet Theatre.

We aim to educate, to incorporate wide arts and community input while creating innovative and quality new works.

AnNua is a registered charity (NIC100851) and has produced six original works since its inception.

Because we rely largely on music, sound, image and light in terms of the mise-en-scene we are creating high quality arts theatre at a low cost in terms of touring and presentation.