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    Feel free to contact us. Also see About for a brief history of AnNua and the background of Artistic Director Paul Moore. In the Productions section you will find a description of each of our works to date together with links to recorded music and text. News will keep you up to date and also contains interviews with artists and about our work.



    Sections of AnNua’s first production, ‘Rain’, are to be included in Christorpher Norby’s new work ‘Place’

    ‘Place’ will shortly be performed in Arizona. We created Rain 2009 and performed it through the Waterside theatre in Derry. We’re thrilled it now has a new lease of life. Hit on the link below to hear the stunning composition created for this work.

  • Associates

    “Collaborating with AnNua proved to be a fruitful and enriching experience. Working with a talented group of performers from different disciplines was a joy” Karen Torley, Banyan Puppet Theatre

    AnNua Associate Artists is comprised of over forty actors, writers, audio and visual artists, puppeteers, dancers, composers and musicians who live and work in the North West of Ireland. Visit  Associates for commentary from artists currently working with AnNua and click on the individual to find out more. If you wish to inquire about becoming an Associate please contact us.
    Silvia celebrating memories of Derry Ma''s

  • Coming in 2015
    ‘HOME’ and ‘Civilians’

    Created by AnNua
    Directed by Paula Simms

    Home poster-1

    With assistance from Arts NI and the British Council AnNua have been working in Australia and in Liverpool with director Paula Simms. We now have completed the draft script of home and continue to gather sights and sounds from social, physical and cultural environments. Rehearsal and final development stages are to begin in Liverpool in May with performance dates to be confirmed.

    “The Irish have always been renown for their flame red hair…their black hair, their blond and their brown hair. Their sky blue eyes, there dark brown eyes, their olive skins and pale complexions. Yes! Across every street and down through the centuries, we have been a feisty mongrel race, a migrant people!”

    ‘Home’ is being created by AnNua and will be directed by Paula Simms (Zho Image Theatre, Walk the Plank, Hope Street Arts, John Moores University, Liverpool).

    civilians quick promo

    ‘Collateral damage’, ‘non-combatants’, ‘friendly fire’, ‘acceptable loss’ , in the early 21st century a new and distancing language has been developed to pacify our response to violence against civilians.This ‘State Speak’ has evolved in the Orwellian tradition as we have learned we are being observed on a mass scale. Smart’ weapons are now deployed in a ‘techno war’ in which bodies are not counted. All is justified in terms of the ongoing ‘war on ‘terror’ to which there can be no end. A war in which the line between the civilian and the combatant is becoming increasingly blurred.

    ‘Civilians will combine acted scenes with metaphor, classical composition, audio design, image and shadow to create a new work with great resonance to the people of the North.

    Venues and dates TBA.

    We welcome input and opinion. SeeContact