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    Home use now

    HOME is a play about migrants, identity, borders and a world in crisis.

    “‘Home’ is a beautifully written and performed work … It shows real compassion for the plight of refugees. It could go on to become a classic”.
    Tom Calderbank (The Nerve Review,Liverpool)
    HOME Nerve Review

    HOME is a narrative of Irish migration linked to migration internationally.


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    “Collaborating with AnNua proved to be a fruitful and enriching experience. Working with a talented group of performers from different disciplines was a joy” Karen Torley, Banyan Puppet Theatre

    Since 2009 AnNua have worked with well over 100 artists including writers, audio and visual artists, actors,puppeteers, dancers, composers and musicians. Associates are from the North West of Ireland, Australia, England, America and Asia . Visit  Associates for commentary from artists currently working with AnNua and click on the individual to find out more. If you wish to inquire about becoming an Associate please contact us.
    Silvia celebrating memories of Derry Ma''s

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    Created by AnNua and Associated Artists


    Civilians’ is a stream of consciousness with scripted scenes moving between war, shopping, torture, displacement, lifestyle, surveillance and escapism. The work has a dream like quality, at times verging on nightmare. See more at Civilians.


    The wind stirs the course grass on the sand dunes and little puffs of sand track wispily along … and for another time on that beautiful, lonely beach at dawn, I wondered:

    WHY AM I

    Derry writer and actor Vin McCullagh is working with AnNua and Banyan to remount Why Am I, Vin’s poetic biopic on the experience of manic depression.

    Why AM I will be staged through Echo Echo April 20 and 21. Book at http://www.wegottickets.com/f/10812

    “This project has been supported by the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through
    the Acorn Fund.”